With the advent of new dental materials, dentistry has advanced "light-years" in the last decade.  Oftentimes a combination of the following procedures is used to restore or enhance a patient's dentition:


Veneers can drastically improve your smile.  They are usually bonded to the front and edges of the teeth with high-intensity light.  They may be used to close spaces, lengthen small or misshapen teeth or to lighten darker teeth.  The final result is a beautiful, lasting smile.  There are two types of veneers: feldspathic and pressable.  Dr. Hamilton can determine which is best suitable for your case.  Veneers are often delivered in as little as two weeks.


Frequently missing teeth and teeth with larger fillings may be restored utilizing ceramic or porcelain restorations.  This eliminates the dark lines usually seen at the gum line when traditional crowns and bridgework is used.  These are very cosmetic and strong restorations.


An Implant is an excellent way to replace a missing tooth.  A dental implant is a small titanium cylinder that is surgically placed into the bone to simulate the root of a missing tooth.  Afterwards, a crown is placed upon the implant to restore the space.  When a tooth is lost, sever shifting and supraeruption of surrounding teeth occurs, which can cause eventual loosening and the loss of even more teeth.  Dental implants may also be placed in strategic areas in order to provide optimal support for and ill-fitting denture.  Implants also prevent further bone loss that occurs with aging.


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